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About us

The Seafarers Mission Eemshaven is a voluntary run organisation powered by nearly 35 volunteers from around the area. They are the driving force behind the Seafarers Mission and give the mission its right to exist. On a yearly basis, nearly ten thousand seafarers from all over the world visit the mission, which is located in Eemshaven, to contact their loved ones, drink a beer or just to relax.


The Seafarers Mission Eemshaven was founded and opened in Eemshaven back in 1999. The Seafarers Mission was opened in a period where focus on industry decreased, but in the days and years directly after the opening the focus on transshipment activities increased quite a bit. Between 2003 and 2011 the amount of transshipment activities in Eemshaven tripled. Together with the decision of the Meyerwerft in Papenburg – one of Germany’s leading shipyards – to finish building cruise ships and start supplying them in Eemshaven it caused the Seafarers Mission to be too small for the amount of seafarers.

Thanks to donations made by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), back in 2004 the new building of the Seafarers Mission was opened. Currently, the Seafarers Mission is still located in the same building. With special thanks to the commitment of our volunteers the Seafarers Mission is opened daily. Every night our volunteers are there for you starting at 19:00h. For our exact opening hours, please refer to our homepage.

Our volunteers are always there for you and are always available for a chat or to help you with all sorts of things. They can even pick you up from your ship or bring you back to your ship.

Currently in 2016, the Seafarers Mission Eemshaven still has a right to exist, partly because of donations from local churches as well as donations from organisations (businesses) and third parties.