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Merchant Service for those who remained at sea

At november 13th, the annual Merchant Service was held in the Seafarers Mission Eemshaven. The service, held to remember those who ‘remained at sea’, was led my pastor Sven Standhardt and was accompanied by Praiseband the Messengers. The service was composed of multiple songs and preaches. One of the main subjects of the service was forgiveness. Americo Dos Santos Martins At the end of the service four candles were lit to remember those who remained at sea. One for those who let their lives during the war at sea, one for all the volunteers we have lost, one for Americo dos Santos Martins and one for those who we lost and are still with us in our minds. Americo Dos Santos Martins was a fisherman on the UK-85 and a regular visitor of the Seafarers Mission Eemshaven. He died in January 2015 together with is coworker Maurice Croussaert, when they encountered severe weather in the English Channel. His Belgian colleague Maurice washed ashore the French coast. Americo, hoevever, is still unaccounted for. Fund raising During the service, a fundraising was held and people were also asked for a voluntary contribution. In total, €345,35 was raised. The collected money will be used to buy Christmas gifts for Seafarers who stay in Eemshaven during Christmas. Every year just before Christmas, the gifts are distributed by pastor Sven Standhardt. The Seafarers Mission The Seafarers Mission in Eemshaven is an initiative of the Merchant Pastoral Foundation Groningen. The seafarers mission is supported by nearly 30 volunteers who run the mission all year round. The Seafarers Mission offers a home, far away from home, allowing seafarers (and truck drivers) to relax in a pleasant environment. While having a drink and watching TV, they can contact their loved ones. The mission was founded in 1999 and moved to its current building back in 2004. Every year the Seafarers Mission welcomes nearly 10.000 visitors.